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Download MP3 file Lust
The Seven Deadly Sins | 1 John (2:15-17)
Matthew Hosier | 14-Dec-14
Lust affects us all and it's not pretty 

Download MP3 file Gluttony
The Seven Deadly Sins | Luke (1:1-4)
Jon Clark | 07-Dec-14
We are able to say yes & no to food at the right times because our deepest needs are not met by food, but by fellowship with God. 

Download MP3 file Greed
The Seven Deadly Sins | 1 Timothy (6:6-19)
Matthew Hosier | 30-Nov-14
Is greed the sin we're least likely to admit? 

Download MP3 file God desires all to be saved
1 Timothy (2:3-6)
Lex Loizides | 23-Nov-14
God desires all to be saved through Jesus. 

Download MP3 file Sloth
The Seven Deadly Sins | Proverbs (6:6)
Matthew Hosier | 16-Nov-14
Sloth is more than simple laziness - it can be deadly 

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