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Download MP3 file Easter People Easter Work
Waiting for the King | 1 Samuel (1:1-2:11)
Matthew Hosier | 20-Apr-14
The story of the birth of Samuel points us to Easter personally and prophetically 

Download MP3 file Jesus Our Redeemer
Waiting for the King | Ruth (3-4)
Aaron Lacey | 13-Apr-14
Redemption is what we need! 

Download MP3 file Redemption
Waiting for the King | Ruth (1-2)
Matthew Hosier | 06-Apr-14
After the chaos of Judges comes a message of hope 

Download MP3 file Without the right king everything is wrong
Waiting for the King | Judges (19-21)
Matthew Hosier | 30-Mar-14
In trying to fix our own problems we usually just make things worse. 

Download MP3 file The Craziness of Idolatry
Waiting for the King | Judges (17-18)
Matthew Hosier | 23-Mar-14
Putting our trust in anything or anyone other than the true God is crazy! 

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