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Download MP3 file Why Does God Care About Sex?
Objections | Revelation (5:9-10)
Matthew Hosier | 22-Nov-15
If there really is a God, why would he care who I sleep with? 

Download MP3 file Aren't Christians Just Hypocrites?
Objections | Matthew (23)
Jon Clark | 15-Nov-15
How do we respond when the biggest objection to Christianity is Christians themselves? 

Download MP3 file If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?
Objections | 1 John (4:8)
Matthew Hosier | 08-Nov-15
The reality of suffering is one of the main objections people raise about the possibility of a God who is good and loving. 

Download MP3 file Who Says I Need Saving?
Objections | Matthew (19:14)
Matthew Hosier | 01-Nov-15
How can we know that being a Christian isn't just being brainwashed? 

Download MP3 file Hasn't Science Disproved God?
Objections | 2 Peter (1:16)
Matthew Hosier | 25-Oct-15
Is there conflict between science and having a Christian faith? 

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