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Date: June 2009

Portable Document FileDownload MP3 file When the Band Isn't There
Not Just For Sundays | John (4:1-26)
Matthew Hosier | 28-Jun-09
God's people are to worship in spirit and truth, which means we can worship wherever we are - even when the band isn't there 

Portable Document FileDownload MP3 file Spiritual Gifts
Not Just For Sundays | Romans (12)
Matthew Hosier | 21-Jun-09
Normal Christian life is life lived with an experience of the gifts of grace the Holy Spirit gives to the church. 

Portable Document FileDownload MP3 file Baptism in the Spirit
Not Just For Sundays | Acts (2)
Matthew Hosier | 14-Jun-09
How can we receive the Spirit? And what difference does this make to our lives and the church? 

Portable Document FileDownload MP3 file My Presence Will go With You
Not Just For Sundays | Exodus (33:12-17)
Matthew Hosier | 07-Jun-09
God's covenant promise has always been that he will presence himself amongst them. We are people of the presence. 

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