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Passage: 1 John

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Download MP3 file If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?
Objections | 1 John (4:8)
Matthew Hosier | 08-Nov-15
The reality of suffering is one of the main objections people raise about the possibility of a God who is good and loving. 

Download MP3 file Lust
The Seven Deadly Sins | 1 John (2:15-17)
Matthew Hosier | 14-Dec-14
Lust affects us all and it's not pretty 

Download MP3 file Staying True
Tough Love | 1 John (5:14-21)
Matthew Hosier | 15-Feb-09
There is truth in the world and this truth is the truth of God. Stay true to it! 

Download MP3 file This Is Real Life!
Tough Love | 1 John (5:5-13)
Matthew Hosier | 08-Feb-09
Jesus really did live real human life and the way to real life is in him. 

Download MP3 file Confidence
Tough Love | 1 John (4:13-5:4)
Matthew Hosier | 01-Feb-09
The love of God makes us bold. Love-filled, Spirit-soaked people are confident in their God and quick to obey him. 

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