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Our theme for 2022 – is following God's lead as he takes us on 'New Adventures'.

In 2022 we are sensing the Lord calling us to be ready for new adventures of faith. 


All the planning, preparation and giving that has gone into making our building project at Alder Road possible could cause us to sit back and take things easy for a while. But rather than that, we are feeling the call to push forward again. We want to be like Caleb and Joshua who said “We can certainly do it,” and not like those who gave in to fear and doubt.


It might be that many of us who are members of the Gateway family will feel particular faith challenges to pursue this year. If God calls us to new adventures of discipleship and obedience we want to be people who say “Yes!” to Him. And corporately we are keeping our spiritual eyes and ears open to the Lord’s leading: what audacious things might He invite us to charge at this year? Whatever they might be, we want to be ready for the adventure.


If you have stories of how the Lord draws you into new adventures this year we’d love to hear them. Please email your story to us below:

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