Facilities facilitate our mission. . .

At Gateway we are blessed to have two buildings, on Ashley Road and Alder Road, which are used in multiple ways to help us in our mission. For a long time it has been clear that our Alder Road site needs major redevelopment but how to best achieve this has been a complicated journey. 


Beginning in 2017 we have been engaged in a comprehensive process of assessing options and developing plans. This has led to the conclusion that the most cost effective way for us to proceed is to demolish and replace the crumbling 'top hall' in the car park, and remodel and re-roof (in part) the existing building. This will provide us with a set of multi-use spaces that will serve us well for the coming decades.


An application for planning permission was made for this scheme in February 2021 and we expect to hear the result of that in May. Detailed design work is being undertaken and we will be in position to tender the contract in April. If necessary funds are in place we could begin building work by September 2021, and these would be expected to last for twelve months.

Giving details:


If you would like to give to our Vision Fund, from which we are supporting the building project, the details are:

Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-68-79
Account Number: 63157318
Ref: Vision​

Join us on this adventure of faith as we experience God's purity and demonstrate His compassion.

Gateway Church is part of Advance Movement: strengthening and planting churches advancemovement.org


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Sort code: 20-68-79 
Account Number: 13445615

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