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At Gateway Church we don't only meet together on Sundays, we also meet during the week in smaller groups called Life Groups
Each term Life Groups meet for 10 weeks to help each other live out our faith in our home life, workplaces, neighbourhoods and as we participate in wider community life. The format can vary, depending on what is most helpful for the church at the time. Life Groups are where we, as a church can connect during the week to share life, encourage one another and study scripture.
We have groups that will run on different days of the week and at various times, plus there are a couple of groups that are specifically designed to serve certain groups of people:
Exploring the prophetic
Paul and Julie are leading a group for people who want to develop the prophetic culture amongst the church.
If God then what?
Three weeks online, answering your toughest questions about God and the Christian faith. We’ll be exploring the nature of life, death, good, evil and suffering and why faith in God is still the best answer for our world.
Students and 20s
The Students and 20s life group is an opportunity for those in the student & 20s age group to connect and grow together.

Life Groups will start in the week beginning 14th January, use the links below to sign up today!

(Please note: if you are considering becoming a member of Gateway & haven't done our exploring membership session, we'll be running these on a few Weds evenings, so it would be worth choosing a group not on a Wednesday!)

If you're new to Gateway and would like to find out more about our Life Groups, get in touch using the form below:

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