We believe that giving our youth a space where they can connect, share and learn about God, is vitally important. Teenagers are brimming with questions and they love to have a space where they can have fun with their friends. We strive to offer both in abundance! 
Image by Helena Lopes

Gateway Youth is a group for 11 to 18 year olds that want a place to hang out together, have a laugh doing all kinds of activities and talk about the big issues of life. We have loads of things to do, from big team games in the hall to pool, or if you prefer, just chilling out on the bean bags! There is a chance to ask questions about God, look at life's big questions, or listen to a guest speaker. 


Gateway Youth runs from 7.30 to 9.30pm on Wednesdays in the main church building at 129 Alder Rd (BH12 4AA).


On Sunday mornings we get together regularly during the service at Alder Road for Bible study and teaching relevant to the stage and age of your life.

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Image by Edward Cisneros

Other youth events at Gateway include socials where we may go bowling, grab a bite to eat, go to splashdown, or go to a local gig. We also have a weekend away each year as well as our annual trip to Newday, a national youth festival, full of great worship, teaching, cafes, and sports.