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Here at Gateway, we’d love to be your Church family and home away from home. Whether you are a student or out at work we want to see you rooted in Jesus, rooted in community and rooted in friendship. 


Artwork courtesy of one of our students, Francis Lee!


We are passionate about equipping our young people to live a life of adventure with God! We want to see you rooted in Jesus, rooted in community and rooted in friendship. If you are coming to work in Bournemouth and Poole or study at Bournemouth University or Bournemouth Arts University, don't miss out on church life.


 Aside from our Sunday morning meeting, we run regular social gatherings, centred around fun, food and friendship!


We are a diverse group from all corners of the globe who love to hang out, eat good good and encourage one another in our walks with God. 


Whether you are a fresher starting uni or a fully fledged working professional, there is plenty of room and many others here who are in the same boat as you!  Check out our socials for upcoming events or email us to introduce yourselkf!

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Hear the stories from some of our past and present students & 20s.

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