Here at Gateway, we’d love to be your Church family and home away from home. Whether you are a student or out at work we want to see you rooted in Jesus, rooted in community and rooted in friendship. 

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We are passionate about equipping our young people to live a life of adventure with God! We want to see you rooted in Jesus, rooted in community and rooted in friendship. If you are coming to work in Bournemouth and Poole or study at Bournemouth University or Bournemouth Arts University, don't miss out on church life.

navigating CORONA season 

This Coronavirus season has been disorientating and disruptive on many levels, and so it's vital in times like like these that we stay close to God and invest into a community. If this season has taught us one thing, it's that church is not a building and it's not somewhere that we go. Church is a community of people, we live church. So despite the guidelines and current restrictions on meetings and worship, we can get creative in the ways in which we worship and still do community well.

Starting a new job or returning to university in Bournemouth offers up much uncertainty in the current climate, but at Gateway, we are here for you. We are fully aware that things look somewhat different at the moment, but there is still so much to enjoy during your stay in Bournemouth or Poole.

Get in touch with us with the form provided or email us:


If you're an international student, we'd love to help you acclimatise and settle quickly into your new home. On your arrival we are happy to collect and deliver your food shop to you, while you are in quarantine. We can bring you supplies and help you with practical needs, if nothing else we can check in with you and connect you with others in our church. We're committed to help in any way we can. Just get in touch with us and introduce yourself:


Due to the current restrictions, aside from our Sunday morning meeting, all of our social calendar events are currently on zoom. We run regular online social gatherings, centred around fun, food and friendship! We'd love to have you join us.

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Friday Hangs

We plan to have regular student events and meet ups centred around a Friday evening. More details to follow shortly!

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Sunday lunches

Each Sunday after our 11.30 service, we send our students off to different families at Gateway for some lunch! This a great way to get to know others in the church and get fed in the process!


Life Group 

Our S20s life group runs through the autumn term until the new year and is great for forming friendships and doing life together.

Sunset on the Beach

Beach BBQ & Games

We plan to make the most of the warmer weather with some BBQ and beach antics over the coming weeks and months. This will be a great way of celebrating the lifting of restrictions!


Aside from our Sunday morning meeting, we run regular social gatherings, centred around fun, food and friendship!


We are a diverse group from all corners of the globe who love to hang out, eat good good and encourage one another in our walks with God. 


Whether you are a fresher starting uni or a fully fledged working professional, there is plenty of room and many others here who are in the same boat as you! 

Gateway Students & 20s
Gateway Students & 20s

Gateway Students & 20s
Gateway Students & 20s

Gateway Students & 20s Lunches
Gateway Students & 20s Lunches

Gateway Students & 20s
Gateway Students & 20s


Hear the stories from some of our past and present students summing up their time with Gateway Church.

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Eric | Tourism Management

As a student living so far away from home, I am very grateful to find Gateway Church. It's a great community, especially for international students to be firm in your faith and find people who are always ready to receive and pray for you.


Sophie | Tourism Management

Gateway instantly welcomed me with open arms and I quickly threw myself in to getting to know people at student lunches and quiz nights, as well as through serving on the youth and worship teams. Upon finishing uni I decided to make Bournemouth and Poole my home because of the family I had become a part of at church.


Tom | TV Production

Coming to Bournemouth 8 years ago to start university, I couldn’t have expected to find such a loving church family as the one I have at Gateway. Moving away from home was the biggest change in my life up to that point, so it was incredibly reassuring to join a church that felt like a close family. I got baptised at Gateway within the first 6 months of being at uni, and I haven’t looked back since!