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What is bread?

BE STILL - Find a place where you can encounter God, ask him to fill the space and take a minute in stillness. Fix your eyes on Jesus and invite the Holy Spirit to guide your time.


READ - Read through the passages for the day. Look for one verse that stands out or interests you. Write out that verse in the ‘read’ section.


ENCOUNTER - Taking your chosen verse, meditate on it. What comes to mind and how does it make you feel? What do you think God is trying to reveal through this verse and allow him to speak to you. Write a short reflection on what you think he might be saying.


APPLY - Now turn your focus outward. Think about how you might apply this to your day and write down how you’re going to try and live this out.


DEVOTE - Finally, close by writing a simple prayer of devotion to God. Ask that God would fill you afresh and commit your day to him.

We’ve produced a journal which lists the passages for each day and provides space to write down what God might be saying to us through the text. We’ve created a PDF version of the BREAD journal for you to use on your device, or a printable overview of the bible reading plan, both of which you can download above. You can also purchase a physical copy of the journal for £5.00 and pick it up at a Gateway Sunday service from 10th December 2023.

The aim is to daily read from the New Testament and on the weekend to read the Psalms. We have  also included a daily reading from the Old Testament. The Old Testament is God’s word to us – it is the Bible that Jesus and the first disciples knew. While we want to especially focus on reading the New Testament together we’d encourage you to also make reading the Old Testament passage part of your daily devotions.

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