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A space for conversation, questions and a deeper look at the claims of Christianity.

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The outline

‘If God then What?’ is a 6-week course that asks - is God even real? And if so, how can he be good and worth exploring?


Join us on Zoom for 5 consecutive Tuesdays, starting on February 1st 2022 as we consider and discuss, ‘If God, then what?'

Week 1 - 1st Feb - ‘If God Then What?’

Is God even real? Surely the odds are stacked in favour of the Big Bang and life is the fortunate outcome of a finely tuned universe. Or is it?

Week 2 - ‘Why does God seem so angry?’

If you read one page of a novel, you can make some assumptions about the whole story. But to truly understand the whole story, you have to understand the context in which it is set. Which pages of God’s story have you ‘read’ and what assumptions have you therefore made about his nature towards you?

Week 3 - ‘If God, why all this suffering?'

Everyone suffers and some more than others. This means everyone has to deal with suffering. So does Christianity give us a better way of handling pain than the options out there?

Week 4 - ‘Why Jesus?'

When you boil it right down, what do Christians actually believe? And why Jesus? And does any of that have any impact on your life whatsoever? You’ll be surprised – the stakes are higher than you might think!

Week 5 - 'Ask Anything'

This is your chance to ask any burning questions from previous weeks in the course or things that you'd like answered from across the Christian faith.

Week 6 - ‘What now?'

A time to take stock, reflect on the course as a whole and address any outstanding questions. Where do you go from here? The choice is yours.



6 consecutive Tuesdays, starting on February 1st 2022 @ 7.30pm


Join us on Zoom

Upon sign up you will be contacted with further information and the zoom details for the coming weeks.

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