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Praying the Streets in BCP

The theme for the year at Gateway is 'Multiply' - we want to see God do great things in us as a church and in our local community.

God brings multiplication as we pray and we want to press into this together as the year progresses. We've been inspired by our friends in the Advance church in Barry who set themselves the challenge to pray for every street in their town. They prayed for God's blessing and for an openness to the gospel, and recorded their progress on a Google Map.

We've created a similar map for us to pray for the streets in BCP
 (BCP is bigger than Barry, with over 3,000 streets!). Wouldn't it be amazing to see the place where we live covered in prayer? You can access the latest version of our map by clicking on the button below.

We're asking that you:

  • Spend time walking and praying along the street(s) - you may want to join with others, or with your Life Group to do this.

  • When you've prayed at the location, let us know so we can change the peg colour on the map from blue to red. If you're part of our Alder Road site, please email Paul Barnett and if you're part of our 502 Ashley Road site, please email Nick Mudge

  • If you feel God speaking, we'd love to know - please also contact Paul or Nick on the links above.


Let's pray!

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