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A deeper look at our courses

Please take a look at our upcoming Life Lounge courses, where we aim to help you thrive in different areas of life. 

1. Life Lounge sessions

2. Stress Less Course

Life Lounge sessions

1. 'Dealing with stress'

Beth is a trained wellbeing practitioner, who specialises in stress management. Listen to her Top 10 ways to stay mentally healthy, and ask her your questions!

2. 'The importance of exercise on your mind'

Martin is a health and performance coach, and podcaster with experience of athletics at the highest level. He is the founder of 'Stormbreak', a charity that advocates 'movement' as a means of keeping a healthy mind. Come and hear his thoughts and ask him your questions.

3. 'Home maintenance'

Steve is a building surveyor of many years experience. Come and hear his Top 10 tips on maintaining your home, and avoiding common pitfalls.

4. 'Basic household budgeting'

Rich has a background in finance and business and is passionate about helping people to live financially healthy. This is a practical budgeting session to enable you to to do just that!

5. 'Living by yourself'

Sue is passionate about helping people who live by themselves do so in a way that causes them to thrive! Listen to her top tips and ask questions!

6. 'Parenting teens'

Catherine is a busy Mum of four teens and post teens. As a mum and school teacher, she knows what it takes to raise healthy, resilient teens in today's world.

7. 'Parenting under 5's'

Becky has four kids under the age of 5! She is also heavily involved in her husband's company and leading in various community settings, and she loves it! Come and hear her Top tips and ask her how she does it!

8. 'How to do a weekly food shop on budget'

Vikki is passionate about healthy, adventurous food and how to feed a hungry family without busting your budget!

9. 'Making the most of every moment'

Gemma is a busy mother, musician and entrepreneur. She has a remarkable philosophy of how to enjoy every moment of life and thrive in all sorts of situations!

10. 'Living with chronic pain'

Nathaniel has been living with chronic pain whilst living a full, busy and rewarding life for a number of years. Come and hear how, and ask him your questions.

'Stress Less' course



Beth sear

Do you struggle to ‘switch off’?

Have you had trouble sleeping?

Have you found it hard to motivate yourself recently?

Does it sometimes feel like everything is ‘too much?’

If you relate to any of the above, or feel that you struggle with stress, join us for our Stress Less course. Stress Less is designed to equip you with the tools you need to combat the physical and emotional signs of stress and will teach you skills to manage it better. We will give you the answers to the questions above and much more!

Join two qualified Psychotherapists from Work to Wellbeing on Thursday evenings, at 7.30pm, as we take you through a 6-week course to help you to Stress Less!


Price: £10 one-off fee 

Join us on this adventure of faith as we experience God's purity and demonstrate His compassion.

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